Philips PPF-685

The paper: roll; Print type: thermal transfer; Tube: wired / + DECT tube / ; Copier: +; Modem speed: 14.4 ;Kbps/c; Number of tones print: 64; Paper cutter: +; Sending faxes: +; Delayed send Fax: +; Memory received Fax data: 50 ;page; Memory for sent faxes: 50 ;page; Telephony: Loud link (speakerphone) The answering machine Redial Notebook book ; Paper capacity ADF: 10 ;page; Dimensions: 313x129x197 ;mm; ...


Table of characteristics

The paperroll
Print typethermal transfer
Tubewired / + DECT tube /
Modem speed14.4 Kbps/c
Number of tones print64
Paper cutter+
Sending faxes+
Delayed send Fax+
Memory received Fax data50 page
Memory for sent faxes50 page
Telephony features 
TelephonyLoud link (speakerphone)
The answering machine
Notebook book
Paper capacity ADF10 page
Dimensions313x129x197 mm